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The Lost Symbol -Dan Brown

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - Those who have started to take leave to add a delicious holiday Idul Fitri with the work of Dan Brown's latest thriller, "The Lost Symbol" after the sequel to "Da Vinci Code" was released Tuesday (15 / 9). This novel tells the conspiracy secret society of Freemasonry in the United States government.

Brown remains a symbol of experts presents the story of Robert Langdon with a quick story and make readers difficult to divert from the pages of books. His novel is also controversial, as usual.

"Da Vinci Code", for instance, uncover a conspiracy that holds the secret that Jesus had children. "The Lost Symbol" is no exception. This novel reveals the secrets of Freemasonry in the United States government.

Not surprisingly, this novel uses the U.S. capital, Washington, as the location of the story. Like "Da Vince Code", Langdon would expose the secret Freemanson by traces of architecture in Washington.

Of course, there is an enemy with a strong character, almost like a character in the comic. In the "Da Vinci Code" is a scary albino monk. In "The Lost Symbol" appears muscular tattooed men who call themselves Mal'akh (means angel in Hebrew).

"The Lost Symbol" opened with a scene where Mal'akh inaugurated into a high position in Freemasonry. Langdon's moving story of when a private plane to fly to Washington because it was invited to speak in a single event in the Capitol building - the parliament building his United States.

We arrived at the Capitol that the readers began to hold his breath. The invitation was a fake. He was invited by a wealthy friend and member of Freemasonry, Peter Solomon. But even Solomon was found dead with Masonic symbols tattooed hand and pointed to a picture of George Washington from 1865.

Washington - such as some American presidents such as Benjamin Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Gerald Ford - indeed members of Freemasonry. This background makes a lot of colored buildings in Washington Masonic beliefs.

Like Brown's earlier novel, Langdon will be accompanied by a beautiful woman while adventuring. In "The Lost Hollywood", the woman is the brother of Peter Solomon, Katherine Solomon.

With Katherine, Langdon face Mal'akh who had the motive to find the hidden Masonic temple. The temple, according to his faith, can make him do the transformation.

source : Tempo Interaktif

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The Great Coffee in The World

Often people argue which is the best coffee in the world actually comes. I think it does, there is no claim that can be called a kind of coffee is better than any other coffee. All depends on the sense that we can cecap.

The first coffee is said to come from Kaffa, Ethiopia, Africa. If you are a fan of coffee, it never hurts to know the kinds of coffee called "best" in the world. As a big fan of coffee, Sunna ruling to share info about coffee and gratitude if anyone else would take more info ...

Yemen Coffee
One of the best coffee in the 17th century is the origin of Yemen Mocha coffee. This coffee is used according to the news in the coffee houses in Constantinople and Egypt. This coffee is done the traditional way by Yemeni farmers, usually once plucked and dried beans on top of a stone house. Hold that has been separated and crushed dried until smooth.

Yemen coffee can be called the oldest and most unique coffee that is dried on a full moon is more expensive than when there was no moon. Why? dried coffee fruit and sweet taste.

Sumatra Coffee - Java
Copies of this western part of Indonesia after the tsunami is getting more expensive price. There is mixing with the chocolate mixture so that it feels more sweet, but actually more comfortable that really real coffee.

Sumatra coffee may be referred to as the 18th century because at that world coffee trade (Europe), many taken from the island of Andalas, and break the monopoly of Yemenis. Who is the carrier? Of course, aka VOC Dutch traders. Wet process in a way, to separate the fruit from the seeds before drying.

If anyone has ever visited Lake Toba, there is a center Lintong and Mandheling coffee. Coffee-making process similar to the one on the island of Java, which uses assembly machine for skinning fruit coffee. Then the next process is wrapped in a plastic coffee one night.

But in the 18th century, Wong Londo not seem to have plastic packaging, so does their didn't know to packaging using what materials? Sometimes the coffee farmers drying coffee on the way the clay is dried, so it was "grounded" really.

But now it's mostly Java and Sumatra coffee is mixed with corn to save on production costs. But there is also still uses pure raw material prices to be expensive though. Coffees of Java and Sumatra is still circulating in many coffee houses in Europe and America. Java coffee was so famous (Java), his name is also used by one of the IT company as a product logo.

Brazilian Coffee
Samba-style coffee. Yes, Brazil is also one of the best coffee producers in the world. Bourbon Santos, Brazil's coffee and delicious beramoma colored black. Brazilian coffee rose to fame in the 19th century and supplied to the United States.

Southern Brazil who is also climate in the tropics, almost the same as Indonesia, making any coffee plants thrive. Brazilian farmers have a way of processing which is similar to the farmers in our country, by drying the harvested coffee fruits to dry. After it was separated from the seeds.

Kind of a famous coffee is Brazil Santos 2, Good Santos, and Brazilian Santos. Usually the coffee beans are purchased directly from a farmer's garden, then the exporter or importer of processed them at the factory.

Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu
Costa Rica coffee origin, Latin America, from agriculture into coffee La Minita most hits in the 20th century. La Minita coffee consistently to maintain image quality and taste. Even in 1980s, the degree of La Minita Tarrazu rose thanks to the marketing equivalent of an appropriate wine. This coffee was processed by wet way, just as do the methods of the Dutch people in Java in the early 18th century.

But the best coffee in the 20th century was the Kenya AA. British colonies are new to coffee in 1900. However, due to the global economy is also experiencing pernurunan to African countries affected them. As a result, Kenya's coffee industry that had collapsed and quality instead of not being in control.

Now, select the Where the hell is among the best coffees in the world. Indonesian coffee is also a lot of variety and delicious, besides Mandheling and Java, there are coffee Toraja, Bali, Papua, as well as other types. Or instead you chose Luwak Coffee, coffee beans obtained from animal waste mongoose (a type of mongoose). These include a kind of coffee are quite rare and expensive, you know. The smell and the taste was very unique ...

source : Wikimu
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Unix or UNIX is a computer operating system that begins from the project, Multics (multiplexed Information and Computing Service) in 1965 who carried the American Telephone and Telegraph AT & T, General Electric (GE), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with the cost of the Department of Defense United States (Department of Defence Advenced Research Project, DARPA or ARPA), the UNIX operating system designed as a portable, multi-tasking and multi-user.

Unix operating systems are widely used both as a server or workstation. Architectural model of Unix and client / server is the most important element in the development of internet and change the computing process is centralized in the network from a single process on a computer. Linux, an operating system that was adopted from the freely available Unix and gained popularity as an alternative to proprietary operating systems like Microsoft Windows


In 1969, project by AT & T Multics was stopped because too late, not in accordance with the schedule, also because the distance between an expanding priset, between New Jersey and MIT Labs.

In 1969 also, Ken Thompson, a researcher who also worked on the Multics project using a computer PDP-& try to realize the idea of Multics in liaison with Dennis Ritchie, who also previously worked in the Multics project. Peter Neuman suggested using the Unix name for the new systems, the UNIX system is then rewritten for the Digital PDP-11 in one year. AT & T many scientists add capabilities on UNIX. in 1970, so that many small programs called tools in UNIX, each used to perform a function. In 1973, Unix by Ken Thompson rewritten using the new language from Ritchie C, C language is designed to be portable from one computer to be brought to other computers. In 1977, Mike Lesk develop "ported I / 0 library," library that can be taken to overcome the difficulties brought UNIX from one computer to another computer system because differences in the handling of I / 0 from any computer, Unix was first brought into the laboratory Interdata 8 / 32 , the same microcomputer with the PDP-11. In 1978, the UNIX operating system was brought into the VAX minicomputer. up to now still a lot of Unix as an experimental system. Early in 1973 more than 16 AT & T or Western Electric in outside laboratories Bell running the Unix operating system, Unix and then spread. In 1977 at least 500 places to use the Unix operating system, 125 of them are from universities and more than 10 foreign countries. In the year 1977 Unix Version 6 also came out with a commercial support. University of California at Berkeley pay 400 (in dollars) to get the Unix source in which there are complete Unix source code. Bill Joy and Chuck Haley's, graduated from Berkeley, began to change. In 1978 Bill Joy out 30 copies of a collection of Unix programs and modifications to the replacement cost of media and delivery for 50 (in dollars). More than six years old Berkeley gets funds from ARPA to develop Unix, later known as the BSD Unix. a lot of development that has been done, such as multitasking, file-naming with the number of characters up to 255 characters and the ability to use the local computer. that same year AT & T continued to develop Unix versions, and start worrying about the popularity of BSD Unix. AT & T to develop commercial products of Unix, called UNIX System V and expressed as a standard Unix, and states that BSD Unix is not a product of Unix that standard and not kompetible, statement was issued by AT & T to reduce the popularity of BSD Unix, and also because the copyrights are on AT & T , expressed as BSD Unix BSD 4.2. Berkeley license with AT & T's University may be freely

Source : Wikipedia
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Car DVD Players Buying Guide

This sophisticated technology is now very mendukund convenience and practicality in human beraktifitas day.
In rushing in the middle of big cities, refreshing in a little leisure time is necessary. Therefore, many people treat it well.
One example is berkaraoke, karaoke is being sought by masayarakat city. Car Shopwiki offer a DVD that you can berkaraoke along in leisure time.
A portable DVD with a lot of sophistication-sophistication in it.

Car DVD players are becoming more and more popular, and likewise prices are dropping dramatically. Consumers can now afford a player at a modest price. There has been some criticism and debate on the subject though because a lot of people think that having a DVD player in one's car is overkill. Obviously, if you are the only one riding in your car it would be silly to have a DVD player because you can't watch while you drive. Not only is it illegal, but it is ludicrously dangerous.

But if you own a family car and want to keep the kids entertained while you drive, a car DVD player can be a great device to have in the car. Car DVD players are great for road trips.

How to Choose a Car DVD Player

There are several different ways of going about choosing a car DVD player. The first thing that usually sticks out for most consumers is the price tag. If you have a good amount of money to spend, you should look into creating a surround sound car theater system ($400+). For those of us on a budget, the cheapest car DVD Player systems can cost from about $200 and up.

Many higher end DVD Players for your car are now including GPS Navigation systems as well. These can also include the ability to play your iPod through the DVD/navigation system. Check out the top rated system above and look around for your GPS navigation DVD player combo.

Portable DVD Players

The Budget Option:

The best way to get entertainment in your car without breaking the bank is to opt for an all-in-one system that provides hours of fun beyond the confines of a vehicle.

  • Compact, folding DVD player with a clamshell design makes for a lightweight but sturdy device.
  • prices have come down dramatically over the last several years.
  • Built-in speakers and screen means no extra purchases.
  • Lighter and cheaper than a laptop if all you want to do is watch movies on the go.
  • No installation required. Just invest in a car kit and/or adapter if you want fuller sound.
  • To permanently install a portable DVD player in a car you will need a mount.
  • Take them from one car to another, or even on an airplane, train, or use at home.

Some top models to check out (C-Net):

Ceiling Mount DVD Players

High-end Option ($500-$700)

These models cost more than a portable DVD player and they are a more permanent car entertainment option.

  • Perfect for multi-user backseat viewing, especially in SUVs or other large vehicles, because the screen can be up to 10" or more.
  • Might require professional installation.
  • Great space saver, plus it folds up out of the way when you need to put large items in the back seat.
  • Keep in mind that some flip-down monitors don't come with the DVD player included as part of the package. Make sure to look for all-in-one models.
In-Dash Receivers

Economical Option

This is where creating a car DVD system gets really fun. You can choose your components from a wider selection of products. You can get an in-dash receiver that plays both CDs and DVDs. You can install the screen anywhere, either from the ceiling, the sunvisor, on the back of the headrest or even in the center console. It's up to you. Basically, the screen and the player device will tap into the car's stereo system for creating surround sound if your car is set up for it.

  • These monitors come built-in with the receiver usually, however, there is the option of buying the video monitor and the receiver separately.
  • They are easy to install, as they fit onto any standard dash opening.
  • Most models have great sound, tone control, and are easily expanded to incorporate GPS devices, cameras, and more.
  • When driving, they act as a command center with a touch screen. Otherwise, to watch videos, the car must be parked with the emergency break on. This is otherwise known as a receiver with built-in DVD playback.
  • Another similar option that costs less is a CD receiver with a retractable monitor.
    • These can be very useful because they can handle various tasks and have multiple inputs. They can usually handle CDs, MP3 files, and DVDs. They even hook up with your GPS Devices (search for GPS units to buy).
    • Make sure that the model has a touch-screen for easy use while driving. It should be as simple as possible to avoid creating any distractions.
    • Some have iPod compatibility, such as the Clarion VRX755VD.
    • Check for a model with multi-zone audio if you plan to have it linked with a surround sound system.
Headrest Style Monitors

This is an ideal setup for backseat viewing. Dual monitor sets can be purchased at reduced costs for two-person backseat viewing. If you have more than one child, this may be an absolute necessity for you and not as much of an option to keep squabbling to a minimum.

  • Headrest monitors must be professionally or self-installed, which tends to be the cheaper route. Swivel headrests tend to give the best viewing vantage regardless of daylight or glare.
  • As an alternate option, you can purchase headrest bracket mounts that eliminate the need for doing any splicing or dicing to your upholstery.
  • There are also replacement headrests with the monitor pre-installed.
  • With all of the above models, you need to purchase an in-dash or center console receiver to act as a media player. There are also players that can be tucked away under a seat.

Manufacturers Include:

Extra Features

TV Compatibility: Most DVD players come with the ability to play various media types such as VCD, SVCD, and WMA.

Placement: Decide where you want to put your player. If this is going to be used primarily by the kids in the backseat, go for a headrest/stand-in car or roof mount screen. Otherwise, a sunvisor or in-dash screen may be a better option for front seat viewing (but not while driving of course). Keep in mind that cheaper models offer small, lightweight players with 4" to 6" screens. These aren't the best option if the player is destined to multi-user viewing. A 7" screen size is good for proper viewing. Anything larger than that and you will start to compromise portability (both size and weight) and price. A 10" display screens usually cost around $500 and up.

Video Quality: Don't expect that these little gadgets are going to produce crystal clear video reproduction. They are no comparison to a home LCD Televisions (search for LCD Television to buy). Picture quality is important though, especially since if you want to use the player in bright conditions, the screen should be of the highest caliber.

Sound Quality: Usually budget all-in-one models don't produce great sound with their integrated speakers. If you want the best sounding system, go with a component system that you can upgrade with various audio components, such as speakers.

Battery Life: Not many of the removable all-in-one systems actually have great battery life. What manufacturers claim is often exaggerated, but at least if you have the DVD player in a convenient spot you can plug it into the car lighter socket.

  • Beware of installing DVD players in your car because like expensive CD players and speaker systems, they are also a target for thieves. Make sure your car has a good security system.

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