Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Lost Symbol -Dan Brown

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - Those who have started to take leave to add a delicious holiday Idul Fitri with the work of Dan Brown's latest thriller, "The Lost Symbol" after the sequel to "Da Vinci Code" was released Tuesday (15 / 9). This novel tells the conspiracy secret society of Freemasonry in the United States government.

Brown remains a symbol of experts presents the story of Robert Langdon with a quick story and make readers difficult to divert from the pages of books. His novel is also controversial, as usual.

"Da Vinci Code", for instance, uncover a conspiracy that holds the secret that Jesus had children. "The Lost Symbol" is no exception. This novel reveals the secrets of Freemasonry in the United States government.

Not surprisingly, this novel uses the U.S. capital, Washington, as the location of the story. Like "Da Vince Code", Langdon would expose the secret Freemanson by traces of architecture in Washington.

Of course, there is an enemy with a strong character, almost like a character in the comic. In the "Da Vinci Code" is a scary albino monk. In "The Lost Symbol" appears muscular tattooed men who call themselves Mal'akh (means angel in Hebrew).

"The Lost Symbol" opened with a scene where Mal'akh inaugurated into a high position in Freemasonry. Langdon's moving story of when a private plane to fly to Washington because it was invited to speak in a single event in the Capitol building - the parliament building his United States.

We arrived at the Capitol that the readers began to hold his breath. The invitation was a fake. He was invited by a wealthy friend and member of Freemasonry, Peter Solomon. But even Solomon was found dead with Masonic symbols tattooed hand and pointed to a picture of George Washington from 1865.

Washington - such as some American presidents such as Benjamin Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Gerald Ford - indeed members of Freemasonry. This background makes a lot of colored buildings in Washington Masonic beliefs.

Like Brown's earlier novel, Langdon will be accompanied by a beautiful woman while adventuring. In "The Lost Hollywood", the woman is the brother of Peter Solomon, Katherine Solomon.

With Katherine, Langdon face Mal'akh who had the motive to find the hidden Masonic temple. The temple, according to his faith, can make him do the transformation.

source : Tempo Interaktif


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